Monday, January 9, 2017

Generation Z (part 3)

(Read also part 1)

- Garfield, this means nothing. It does not really matter how you name a chakra, it is still the same chakra. What it is important is to apply the techniques in the same way.

- Like what?

- For example, the process of raising Kundalini and taking bandhan is to be done in the same way.

- Really?!?

- Yes, really!!!

- And how is that?

- It is simple, everybody knows that. You raise the Kundalini first time and tie a knot. You raise the second time and tie two knots. The third time, three knots. Then you put yourself into a bandhan, starting from left to right and back, seven times.

- Are you sure?

- I am absolutely sure.

- Should we research?

- Let's!

Check different ways to take bandhan here:

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