Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Garfield

From nmirel:
I felt, being harsh to Garfield all the time is not fair:)

Hence my second and last 'version':

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Clean your room

Here is a good joke from "nmirel". We also included the praises :)

my humble attempt...for fun
you're doing a great job!!! thank you!


John: Garfield, you forgot to clean up your room yesterday!
Garfield: You know, meditation gave me a different vision to look to my life.I don't hold on clutter and emotional baggage from yesterday.

John: Make sure, your room looks spic and span tomorrow morning!
Garfield: I don't live in the future. It's my attention is in the present, then no worries, concerns are present.

John: Gaaaaarfield! TIDY UP your room NOW!!!


Via Sid

Monday, June 28, 2010

Real funny stories - brain switch

Before posting some of answer to our "contest" here is a funny story from yesterday.

We had a nice puja in Kitchener-Waterloo area (Ontario, Canada) and it was the first time I was asked to lead the puja.

Now, before going forward, I have to explain you something.

Those of us who are moving to another country are in a strange position. We slowly, slowly forget our mother tongue or talk have a strange accent and we can never speak perfectly the new language. Also, we can understand both languages, even if talked right after another, but when we are to speak it takes us few seconds be able to go from one to another. It is like we have a brain switch that changes the output from one language to another.

So now back to the puja. I got all planned out. I got a transcript of what needs to happen at the puja, with a list of songs, even approximate times when each has to happen so we finish in time. I was 100% sure that there was nothing I missed.

We started the puja with a short meditation, we went through few mantras.

Behind me there was a Romanian yogini with a cute 3-4 years daughter and she told her something, I don't remember what, in Romanian language. At that moment, the switch in my brain changed to Romanian.

And happily I spoke on the microphone:

"Acum sa spunem mantra pentru Nirvichara si sa stam in meditatie pentru 2 minute"

that is: "Let's say the mantra for Nirvichara and spend 2 minutes in meditation"

Something did not sound right... The room was at once quiet and I started the mantra and so did everybody else. I did not realize what has just happened until few second later.

Only after we finished the mantra, it occurred to me that some yogis from the 200 yogis in sitting behind me might not be so proficient in Romanian so, to help them, I translated in English :)

Friday, June 25, 2010


So what did they say to each other?!?

Submit your answer and get a chance to be published by our world know blog

Monday, June 21, 2010

Funny truth about money

We have NO influence whatsoever on how much money we are making!

Especially for Sahaja Yogis, the more we try to make money, the less we make.

True of False?

Use the comment section for answering

Together ...

when people are together, they can do amazing stuff...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Software Yoga

In order to understand Sahaja Yoga and life in general you have to be a software developer :)

Life of a software geek seems boring, but it is no more boring than the life of any other person.

When you join a new company, you have to work on a software product you have no clue about.

Same when you are born, you have no idea about your body or what one earth you are doing here.

You don't know how the product is built, what is its purpose and how it works.

Nevertheless, you have to work on it.

You have no (or very little) documentation, no blue print so most of the time you have to play with it to see how it works.

It works most of the time, just like our body and subtle system and chakras.

It has some bugs, though, some parts that are not working properly. And you are assigned tasks to fix it. That is why you are here, you got this job in the first place.

And this is when it is getting interesting. You have to fix something you don't fully understand, have no idea of its purpose and works random some time.

So you start to work. Lots of time you make more damage than fix. Take servers down, drive customers crazy, upset the "Supervisor", feel bad.

This part takes more or less time. The more screwed the system is, the more time it takes to fix.

But soon something wonderful happens. The more time you spend on fixing it, the more you understand how it works.

The more you understand how it works, them more you understand its purpose.

Then it is easier and easier to fix the remaining bugs.

The faster you are at fixing bugs, the more enjoyable the job it. The bugs don't trouble you anymore. You start seeing it just as temporary.

And your Supervisor is more an more happy with you so your pay is better every day that passes.

And also, one day, He or She will help you fix the remaining issues so you can enjoy even more the job.

Actually He or She helped you along the way as well, but you were to busy to notice!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Funny Thank you

We are continuing the series about the "Funny" serious stuff we do.

We talked about "Funny sorry".

Today about "Funny Thank You".

The "funny sorry" is a lot of time accompanied by the "funny thank you".

For example, while walking towards a door at the same time with somebody. If the door is not big enough for two, one if not both of them will say "Sorry". One will stop and say: "Please go ahead". The other one will say: "Thank you".

We we buy something we say: "Sorry to bother you, can I have a ...". "Sure here we are". we pay and they we say: "Thank you." The employee say also "Thank you for buying". When he or she give us the change we say: "Thank you". While we leave, he tells us: "Have a nice day!" We reply: "Thanks a lot, you too!". He says: "Thank you"

We also go to the doctor and after a 5 minutes consultation again we say "Thank you so much" even if we pay for the visit.

The children have to say "Thank you for the meal" after eating even if it might be the parents that should thank for the opportunity.

We say "Thank you" when our boss gives us the paycheck :) He says: "Thank you for the had work". We then say: "Thank you" for his praise. "It is great to work here", we say. "Great to know, thank you. It is great to have you here" he says. "Thank you", we say.

We take a cab and say "Thank you for the ride". The driver says: "Thank you for the tip, have a nice day..."

you get the idea :)

Sahaj cartoons in French

The copyright was not observed again :)

Read one post in French here

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sahaj Cartoons translated

See here.

English version here

True story: To help or not to help

Here is another story. And involves also my friend George from Mantra for Ego.

Same place, "Sunny Meadow", a nice camp in the mountains of Romania where we spent with yogis the New Year in the early 90s.

As there were so many of us, the water at the washrooms was not enough so we needed to go outside (it was winter!!!) and wash our faces and teeth in the morning using the water of a small river passing by.

We felt very proud as we were (or pretended to be) detached of the cold.

I was sitting near George, brushing our teeth, when he lost his balance.

Now, this small river, creek actually was only around 1 m wide so you can easily jump over it.

When he lost his balance, he tried to jump on the other side.

I noticed only that he lost his balance and I tried to help, pulling him back.

Now you probably remember from high school Physics studies. If you apply 2 opposite equal forces to an object, it stays put.

So did George, who tried to jump over the creek, I pulled him back, so he was very curious why he stopped somewhere in the air. Gravity helped him to fall right into the middle of the creek.

It took all of us, including George, some time to stop laughing.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sahaja Yoga Blog

If you are following us, you might consider following also Sahaja Yoga Blog:

Funny "Sorry"

One friend was combing her daughter's hair when she pulled it a little too hard.

"Ouch!!!" said her daughter

"Oops, I am so sorry" said her mom right away. "I did not mean it!"

"Then why do you say 'sorry'... You should never be sorry for things you did not mean!"

While this is a simple story it shows how much wiser the children are compared to adults (not that we needed much proof for that). We feel and say sorry for so many things we have not control.

We feel sorry if it rains when we organize a party for somebody.

We feel sorry when we do not know about a friends problem and we don't help. We also feel sorry if we help but it does not turn as we wanted.

What is the funniest thing you feel sorry for?

Let me start: I feel guilty when my left Vishuddi catches...

Feel free to add a comment to the blog post. Replying to the feedburner email will not be visible on the blog.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Where is your Mind?

Almost a year ago, we were on a Sahaja Yoga public program in Mulund, Mumbai and a Sahaja yogi friend came wearing a t-shirt that read "Body and Soul".

I asked him that your body and soul is here, but "where's your mind?".

We all started laughing and the pleasant mood favored the public program.

Nirav from Arkansas, USA

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Future of Sahaja Yoga (part 2)

(read Part One here)

There was quiet for a short while, then John asked:

- I still have few questions. I cannot seem to find the answer to them

- Sure, ask them, but for most of them the answer is Love.

- Sorry?!?

- Go ahead and ask...

- So what is the most important thing we should do to help people? Give realization, organize big program, seminars?

- None, just love them...

- How is it lots of them come but they are not attracted to our programs?

- Because you don't know how to love them...

- How should we organize ourselves?

- Don't...

- How will loving them help? We still have to do our programs don't we?

- Love is like the fragrance of a flower. They will feel it and they will come and stick around. It does not matter how the flowers are organized in a meadow, does it?!?

Friday, June 4, 2010

The psychologist lemon

Via Silvana (Italy):

An interesting technique for improving ourselves comes from Ukraine (or so).

A nice, big lemon needs to be involved in it.

We invite the lemon to get vibrations, then we just take it, hold it in our hand and then very sweetly we tell it all our problems and... it will absorb all of them!

This is not an official techique, but try to believe it!

There is no end to creativity...

This might be a true story, said as a joke by the organizer of a program in Ukraine. Or maybe somewhere else... Or maybe it is not even true. But it is funny :)

Sahaja Yoga for inmates (answers)

As you know many Sahaja Yoga programs were led in the prisons of the world.

What do you think is the favorite mantra of the inmates?!?

The answer, after the break.

... break ...

Here are the answers we received:

norbert said...
I am not guilty at all...

templeofspirit said...
The mantra to Shri Hanumana... so that they can fly away! :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sahaja Yoga for inmates

As you know many Sahaja Yoga programs were led in the prisons of the world.

What do you think is the favorite mantra of the inmates?!?

The answer, after the break.

You can leave a comment with what do you think is the answer. All the answers will be posted only tomorrow

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

True stories: what does "balanced" mean

From Gita:

Recently in our class.

New participant: "If I catch on the left and on the right Vishuddi, is my Vishuddi then balanced?"

Answer (without thinking): "No, that means it's messed up."

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

True stories - enlightened lemons

From Silvana (Italy)

It happened many years ago, during one of the first classes I have attended.

The teacher was explaining us a few techniques for clearing our chakras, when he started with a new one called "matka".

We were supposed to use lemons and chillies.

So he said: "Take 7 nice lemons and put them to MEDITATE in front of Shri Mataji's picture..." at that point, after an immediate surprise, everybody started laughing while thinking of the lemons meditating...

True stories - Mantra for Ego

This happened some time ago, at a nice camp "Sunny Meadow" in Carpathians, Romania.

We all sat for meditation, very serious, truly understanding the importance of the moment.

My good friend George was leading the meditation, going through different mantras for chakras.

When we reached Agnya, he said:

"Let's now say the mantra for Ego: Mother you are not doing anything, I am doing everything!"

I do not know if he did it on purpose, but the result was explosive. We all started laughing and we did not stop for a while!!!