Saturday, February 13, 2010

Modern Office Gita

Enjoy via Rabi

Gita Summary.....

'Project' is nothing but 'Mahamaya' (great illusion)

Today you're doing a Project
Tomorrow someone else will do it

...the day after some one else......

What great have you achieved ...

that you are trying to use it in your Project?

What great are you learning...
that 'll come in use in your next Project?

'Error' is nothing but the greatest truth

Today also it exists and shall continue to exist forever
Do you feel you have fixed the Error?
You are greatly mistaken.

That is everlasting
It keeps on appearing in newer Form
...always in front you.
Realize it 'Parth'(companion/friend) (Shri Krishna always addressed Arjuna by this gesture)

That is why ...Keep on Re-working..
Don't think about Errors

It'll keep on propping up automatically
by its own you trail along...

Hurry Home (Harry Om)

at 5:30 (office closing hours)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

Why people don't stay - The answer

Many of you have felt the cool breeze on your hands and out of your brain. Some have grown in Sahaja Yoga, some have not. Some are still carrying on with old catches. But now I have to say that quite a lot of you can become gurus, means teachers, and you should act as teachers. To act as teacher you should know Sahaja Yoga, the theory and the practice of it, thoroughly well, and then you can become a guru. It’s a very responsibility, lot of understanding for a guru.

You should not have any ego, first. You should not have any of your chakras catching. You should be absolutely clear all the time, and there the vibrations should be flowing in both the hands. If they are moving in one hand and not in another, you cannot become guru. So you have to be a perfect Sahaja yogi, then you can be a guru.

(Photo and excerpt Guru Puja, 2008-07-20, Cabella Ligure, Italy)