Sunday, June 28, 2009

The future of Sahaja Yoga

Note: the following words do not belong to Shri Mataji.

It will not be a big organization with thousand of thousand of yogis, coming together in big halls to meditate together

There will be no big pujas celebrations in huge rooms.

There will be no huge temples with crowds of people visiting them.

Sahaja Yoga will become one item so common like washing the hands and brushing the teeth.

Lots of people will do it, without thinking they are doing something special, just something normal.

There will no need to discuss how to spread Sahaja Yoga, because it will spread sahaj.

Lots of problems we have now will be no more.

There will be no local, national or world councils.

Each of us will meditate, feel the vibrations and we'll help each other spontaneously.

There will be just a website where people will download, view, listen or order Shri Mataji's talks.

No other items about Sahaja Yoga will be needed.

Not lots of us will be perfect, but we will all know the direction to go.

We'll meditate regularly with our neighbors and have small pujas with them often.

[Edit 1: check also Part 2]
[Edit 2: Regarding the website for watching Shri Mataji's talks, here it is: ]


  1. This piece is amazing. Thanks. That is what is going to be. Jai Maa.

  2. This is so beautiful..such a Nirmal thought!May Shri Mataji Blesses this thought!!

  3. I think exactly the same. We need nothing to spread Sahaja Yoga, just being our Self...

  4. Hello,
    Thank you for this great blog !
    I like so much your humor of this future of Sy that I posted it in French on;

  5. That's what I'm doing with my relatives, friends and acquaitances: I lead my sahaj life normally and they just come to me to meditate together, asking me to talk to them about God and about whatever Shri Mataji has taught us, also via skype.
    Some of them asked to perform small pujas or to pray to specific deities by reciting their holy names.
    I don't know whether to define it good or not but they realize that to get the love of God is as simple as to get the air that we breathe and Sahaja Yoga is genuinely and spontaneously spreading from heart to heart. No need for conventions, no big explanations, no advertisement.

    I'll tell one of the various episodes that happened, recently.

    One of my closest friends (which is also my roommate's brother) graduated a month ago and he decided to give a party in a club in the student's area, in Rome. My rommate and I prepared some food for the party, but we forgot part of it at home.
    We were more than 50 mixed with the people that later came for a concert in that same club; I only knew a third of the 50 but there I socialized a little with the rest.
    They drank and smoked, I didn't and they were really impressed by that because I could weirdly still enjoy the party.
    At 3-4 am only a few of us were left and we were reeaallly hungry. Since any kind of bar/restaurants were closed, I invited those people to my place and finish the rest of the food; they weren't friends of mine but I gave them the key and I went parking their cars since they weren't able to drive at the moment...It took a while and when I got home they looked really ashamed, as if they did something wrong and asked me to see the house (Shri Mataji's pictures are in every room). When they entered my room, where the altar is, all of them blushed and one girl said: "So are you one of them (sahaj yogis)? You don't look so...".
    I replied that I didn't know if to take it as a compliment or not, I was laughing, then she explained that that very night first a girl then other people "yuvas" went to them at the party showing a picture of Shri Mataji and started talking about Sahaja Yoga in a way that made them appear totally insane and quite pushy.
    They continued saying...well a few things that make Sahaja Yoga look more like a funny sect in which we cast spells or similar things. The same girl cried because she threw away Shri Mataji's picture and just in that moment felt it was wrong and that She was misrepresented by those people.
    At that point my rommate explained in a very simple way what is self-realisation, Who is Shri Mataji, what the Kundalini is; they weren't scared at all and they promised to come back one day to try the experience for that night they felt too guilty.
    We didn't hear from them anymore till a couple of days ago, we'll meet this weekend to meditate together :).


  6. Thank you so much for your humour full of common sense and wisdom! You depict Sahaja Yoga the way it should be and the only way it can be.