Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Chello Sahaji

Last week, during Adi Shakti puja weekend the Ontario collective attended the Kitchener Waterloo Multicultural festival where our group, "Chello Sahaji" was invited to perform.

During the phone discussion with some organizers, Glenn (a member of the group) was asked about the correct pronunciation of the group name. So he told him how to spell it and the guy wrote it down.

But somewhere between this time and the time the boards with the schedule were printed, the name and the pronunciation were mixed so here is the result of how our group was advertised:

Shopping fun

I was shopping in a supermarket, and I noticed in a shopping cart there were: green chillies, lemons, coconut, camphor, candles and incense.
I waited to see its owner and I saw a lady, so I said "Jai Shri Mataji!".
She turned suddenly towards me shocked and said: "How did you know? I have never met you".
I said: "We have two brother carts."


I went with an Indian yogi in Italy to shop.
I noticed he was buying a huge quantity of bananas so I asked him: "What are you going to do with so many bananas?"
He said: "They are very good for Hanumana principle."

And I went on with my shopping. He saw a lot of meat in my cart so he said: "Why so much meat"
I said: "It is for Durga principle."

A lot of joy,
sis Mirvat