Friday, April 1, 2016

New branch of Sahaja Yoga - 3rd Communication from the Spontaneous Innovation Council

In the recent years, our research team worked hard to find new ways of practicing Sahaja Yoga.

As a result, different branches were launched: Sahaja Meditation, Meditation Yoga, Free Yoga, Free Meditation, Meditation Sahaja, and even Yoga Sahaja. Each of them with a huge success.

Recently, we have started to investigate new ways of helping Kundalini raise. We noticed that Kundalini goes against gravity so we figured out that the more we push up, the faster the energy will raise. The results are amazing.

So today, we are launching a new branch of Sahaja Yoga. We’ll call it Jumping Yoga. The name is accessible as everybody knows what jumping is and all know what yoga is. Presenting it will be easier as we don’t have to explain all the terms, so less work for us.

The way to practice it is the following: instead of sitting quietly for meditation, the practitioners have to jump as high as possible.

The result is instantaneous: everybody feels joyous and starts laughing like never before. You can try it yourself.

See attached some images from different events where we started teaching it.

You can practice it in the city.

You can practice it outside of the city.

Age does not matter.

We also used it for an African tribe and while reluctant at first, they embraced it soon after. They now have a daily collective jumping session.

Try it today: five minutes in the morning and five in the evening will make a big difference in your life.

A Jumping Yoga class will be opened soon in your area.

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  1. It is interesting because the Masaai tribe in Africa have this ritual where the man who jumps the highest wins the hand of the bride. Jumping yoga is not new, it is very old.