Friday, June 11, 2010

Funny Thank you

We are continuing the series about the "Funny" serious stuff we do.

We talked about "Funny sorry".

Today about "Funny Thank You".

The "funny sorry" is a lot of time accompanied by the "funny thank you".

For example, while walking towards a door at the same time with somebody. If the door is not big enough for two, one if not both of them will say "Sorry". One will stop and say: "Please go ahead". The other one will say: "Thank you".

We we buy something we say: "Sorry to bother you, can I have a ...". "Sure here we are". we pay and they we say: "Thank you." The employee say also "Thank you for buying". When he or she give us the change we say: "Thank you". While we leave, he tells us: "Have a nice day!" We reply: "Thanks a lot, you too!". He says: "Thank you"

We also go to the doctor and after a 5 minutes consultation again we say "Thank you so much" even if we pay for the visit.

The children have to say "Thank you for the meal" after eating even if it might be the parents that should thank for the opportunity.

We say "Thank you" when our boss gives us the paycheck :) He says: "Thank you for the had work". We then say: "Thank you" for his praise. "It is great to work here", we say. "Great to know, thank you. It is great to have you here" he says. "Thank you", we say.

We take a cab and say "Thank you for the ride". The driver says: "Thank you for the tip, have a nice day..."

you get the idea :)

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