Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shri Ram and the attention of the devotees

Once Shri Hanumana invokes Shri Ram to descend down to one of the temples on Earth for blessings His disciples.

Shri Rama accepting the invocation says He will appear before all for a darshan on a specific day in the temple.

On that day Shri Hanamana became very busy searching Shri Rama all the day long around the temple where Shri Rama had promised to come down to bless His devotees.

But Shri Hanumana in spite of all efforts could not succeed finding Shri Rama. Hopelessly at the end of the day He sits in meditation to invoke Shri Rama again and seek His whereabouts.

Shri Ram appears in His meditation and says 'Hanumana I am just here itself in this temple you have not come to meet Me yet'. So Shri Hanmana was very perturbed with this leela.

So Hanumana started his search again around the premises until he ends up his search at the store room where all slippers of devotees were secured. Shri Hanumana enters the room only to find Shri Rama sitting there.

Now, He pleads to Shri Rama as to why did He chose that place of all places especially when all His devotees were waiting at the existing altar for him in the temple itself.

To this Shri Rama replies: 'Hanumana I reside where all the collective attention resides. I find the attention of the devotees are on this room so I chose this place.'


  1. lovely...that makes so much sense :) JSM!

  2. OMG...too much but very true.....thats how collective attention works ...Jai Shri Mataji!!