Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Not so positive feedback from Guru Puja at Canajoharie 2012

A group of yogis from Toronto Area traveled to Canajoharie on the auspicious day of Guru Puja, 2012 expecting to grow and to strengthen the Guru principle. They were ready for hardship, tapasia and absence of any comfort, but what they experienced was the following. Read their story:

The weather was perfect all weekend. Few clouds, showers now and then that cooled down when we expected to have little sleep because of the terrible heat.

The food on both days was so tasty and more than enough so we had to take seconds, while we expected dry bread and learn detachment from extremely yummy food.

Big tents were installed over the kitchen area and havan place, which made meal times so enjoyable that we had to sit and talk to other yogis, while we expected to sit in silence like a real Guru.

After each meal, a team of people blocked our access to the dish washing area and, with a friendly but determined smile, took our plates away. We really wanted to wash it ourselves and develop our humility.

The entertainment program was of a too good quality. We had to stay until the end and leave with joy in their hearts, while we expected it to be more bland so we could go and toss and turn at our sleeping place.

Everything started in time. We expected Sahaj Time (local time + 2h) and almost came too late to the events.

Anandita was invited to sing at the puja which let to a blissful experience. We desired a less talented singer so we could feel better about our own musical talents.

Because of the new tent for ladies, there was way to much space for sleeping bags, while we expected to sleep like sardines in a tin.

The new dock at the pond is strong, stable and bigger now. No more the usual thrill of adventure while footsoaking. One never knew if the footsoak would become a bodysoak that taught detachment of stuff one had in the pockets (like cellphones or wallets).

There was light now outside and in the toilets so no more adventure while visiting the area.

There was no Internet access at the camp which forced us to keep the state of thoughtless awareness and high enjoyment, while we wanted to access the email, facebook, twitter, news reading, blog notifications, etc.

The raffle was not explained properly. We've been told four beautiful paintings will be offered as prices for those buying tickets. Every painting went to a winner who totally deserved them, but none to us. We expected one painting for each of the two tickets we bought.

Before this Guru Puja the Canadian yogis were known to be number one in organizing Canajaharie pujas but after this weekend we are not sure anymore. This did not really make us feel good.

We wanted to make the complains right there on the spot but, of course, there was no paper for the complains. So we are emailing them.

So in few words, Guru puja was way too well organized and the food was way too tasty and we felt too much entertained. And as this was not enough, we had lunch to go. Nothing like a real Guru puja should be.

Anyway, kindly make arrangements so this will not happen again

A group of anonymous yogis from Canada


  1. A perfectly good weekend "ruined" :)

  2. Dear Toronto Yogis,So glad you collectively suffered somewhat and let us know so diplomatically. Your displeasure at the pleasure just adds to your reputation as a highly evolved group of people. May I suggest you personally plan some adjustments which would make your next Guru Puja weekend just perfect. This would enable the rest of us to have a jolly good time if we want to. I kindly offer some suggestions. Let the air out of any blow-up mattresses, or failing that sleep on the stones outside and let the mosquitoes enjoy your company; forgo breakfast and lunch, then only eat dinner, and then overeat, so you feel bad all night; have a cold shower at 3:00 am so you can't sleep at all; only talk to someone who looks unfriendly because they can't remember where they left their purse, (phone, glasses, child will also do), or to mothers whose children are crying at that moment; buy a lot of raffle tickets for desired paintings and lose your stubs in the pond; spill food with permanent dyes on your new Canajoharie tee shirt (canned beetroot is good and you can bring your own just in case it isn't on the menu); miss the highlight of the entertainment to change a tire in the dark, fix a leaky hose in the showers, pick up someone from the airport, and then hear about the joy you missed. I could go on, but I'm sure you have enough imagination to add to the list of discomforts that would make your visit to Nirmal Nigari exquisitely frustrating and annoying and set the bar for a growth experience you will never forget. You can then nostalgically relate your experience to future generation knowing they will never be able to bear such a thing. Of course you will not notice their admiration for your fortitude so your ego will remain suitably humble.
    With love and respect from MA, USA

  3. Since when do you get what you expect. :)